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Pumpkin Diet – Four Day Diet Plan

Pumpkin diet can be recommended for people who want quickly and effectively . The diet designed for two weeks and in the end you can lost about 16 pounds of excess weight.

Pumpkin diet not only helps to get rid of excess pounds, but also promotes healing and rejuvenation of the body. The ration of such diet hearty and diverse, with pumpkin can be cooked many delicious and healthy dishes.

According to experts, a pumpkin is ideal product for . It contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, plant sugars, pectin, minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, zinc), vitamins (C, Groups B, E, PP, A). Pumpkin is unique in that it contains in its composition such important vitamins like K (regulates the process of blood clotting) and T (regulates metabolism), which are rarely found in other vegetables.

During the pumpkin diet every meal should be organized strictly in time. This time should be determined from your own daily routine. The diet allows for the possibility of snacks, which can serve unsweetened fruits, tea or coffee without sugar, mineral water.

Pumpkin diet sample menu

Day 1
Breakfast: pumpkin with carrots and lemon juice, porridge made of pumpkin with the addition of cereals (rice, millet or oats).
Lunch: vegetable soup with pumpkin (use zucchini, sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes, onions, a small amount of potato and greens and vegetable oil).
Dinner: pumpkin baked in the oven.

Day 2
Breakfast: pumpkin salad, porridge.
Lunch: Chop from pumpkin, vegetable soup.
Dinner: any fruit.

pumpkin diet plan
Roast pumpkin sitting on baking parchment

Day 3
Breakfast: pumpkin porridge, vegetable salad.
Lunch: soup with vegetables and noodles (without potatoes).
Dinner: a pair of toast and pumpkin salad with pineapple.

Day 4
Breakfast: pumpkin porridge and vegetable salad.
Lunch: vegetable soup and braised sweet peppers.
Dinner: ragout (pumpkin, vegetables and mushrooms).

On the fifth day of the diet is worth repeating again, starting from the beginning.

pumpkin meal diet

Pumpkin diet practically has no contraindications, but this diet should be avoided by people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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