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It’s no secret that overweight and depression often go hand in hand. Indeed, it is difficult to enjoy life when the reflection in the mirror is disheartening, your favorite jeans are not fastened, there is no way to show off in tight-fitting fashionable clothes. And if from the extra pounds even the most real diseases appear – the heart, joints, digestive system, metabolism – depression is only worsened. The relationship between overweight and depression, especially in girls and women, is also confirmed by numerous scientific studies – about 70% of patients who come to weight loss programs have signs of depression. It would seem that the solution is extremely simple: go on a diet, finally get rid of extra pounds and regain the joy of life! But in practice, it often turns out quite the opposite: after the start of the diet, depression only grows. Why is this happening? How to avoid this?

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Diet = depression?

Everyone knows that any diet implies certain restrictions in the usual diet. Depending on the type of diet, such restrictions can be different – from a significant reduction in the assortment of food (as, for example, with mono-diets) to a rather mild decrease in the usual calorie content while maintaining a variety of products (for example, the Mediterranean diet). Most often, the intake of carbohydrates and fats is limited. In addition, you inevitably have to give up sweets, ice cream, smoked meats and marinades, fast food, snacks – that is, all that … was fun! With a lack of carbohydrates in the diet, the body’s production of a special hormone of happiness, serotonin, drops sharply, and many people respond to its deficiency with a significant decrease in the emotional background.
It is important that depression when losing weight is not just discomfort. It is a long stay in a bad mood that becomes the most common cause of breakdowns from the diet, makes you give up and give up, obviously losing the battle with excess weight.

Lose weight in a good mood? There is a way!
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Lose weight in a good mood? There is a way!

So is it possible to get rid of extra pounds without emotional overload? Sure! You just need to know one little secret: to maintain emotional stability, stress resistance and good mood in general, our body helps such a trace element as lithium. Ideally, we should receive the necessary amount of lithium daily with food and water. However, in modern food products its content is already extremely small, to say nothing about the dietary ration … Yes, and water – that is tap water, that bottled – undergoes multi-stage purification. Therefore, there is a reason to take lithium additionally. After all, this is not just a normotimic natural for the body, that is, a mood stabilizer. Lithium also protects brain cells from aging, promotes the regeneration of blood vessels in the brain and heart, and even improves cognitive function!
By the way, in Italy, a source of water with lithium salts, located in Tuscany, which gives those who bathed in it with good mood and vigor, is very popular. The source was even given the name “Smile” for its amazing effect.
Of course, you won’t run into an Italian source for every mood worsening, so taking a special vitamin-mineral complex Normotim, which contains the necessary dosage of lithium, as well as B vitamins and vitamin C, will be a convenient and effective way to fill the lithium deficiency in the body. according to a unique patented technology that provides high bioavailability of active substances and is sold in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.
The importance of supplementing with the Normotim slimming program is confirmed by a recent study conducted in collaboration with the Dr. Bormental Weight Loss Center. According to its results, taking Normotim increases the effectiveness of a weight loss program by 38% (link to the study : … ).

Simply put, losing weight with a good mood is possible and necessary! The right choice of diet and its maintenance with the intake of a vitamin-mineral complex with lithium is the key to successful weight loss without depression and breakdowns.

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