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Important Signs Of An Improper Diet

Internet is littered with a variety of diets that promise to loss of about 12-15 pounds per week. However, experts urge not to look for easy ways to lose weight, as it can bring disastrous results. There are many different diets, but their essence is one – the exclusion or reduction of calories from the ration. But as a rule, after the end of such diets, women gain weight even more and faster.

There are several signs on which you can determine the improper diet. One of these features is a strong sense of hunger. If you are feeling during the diet unbearable hunger, then this diet is not for you. During a properly chosen diet strong sense of hunger should not be.

Important Signs Of An Improper Diet
Important Signs Of An Improper Diet

1. Eat one or two products for 5 days or more. This means that you are depriving your body of necessary variety of substances, vitamins and minerals. This undoubtedly affects the health and normal functioning of organs. Nutritional deficiencies directly effect on mood. A lack of vitamin B and magnesium can even cause depression. With such an attitude of life difficult not only lose weight, but in general do anything.

2. Health. Improper diet can undermine health. This danger lies in the long term. For example, protein diets help to reduce weight quickly, but too much protein in the diet gives a serious strain on the kidneys and liver.

3. Appearance. After about a week of starting the diet, you notice that you look bad. The skin takes on a grayish hue, the hair becomes dull and stiff, exfoliate nails. This signals that your body is urgently needed proteins, vitamins and minerals.

4. The diet is based on only one element, such as yogurt, rice or buckwheat. For normal body requires a certain amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. If you eat only one product, it will not cope with the task of providing the body with all the necessary.

The basic list of necessary requirements for properly selected diet:

  • Diet should not have side effects, it should be a full safety to the human body.
  • Reduction of body weight should be within the normal range.
  • Products should contain all the nutrients nutrients (amino acids, minerals, fatty acids).
  • After the first few days of your chosen diet, you should not feel a painful feeling of hunger.

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