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How Will Walking Improve My Health And Weight Loss?

Let’s talk walking for a minute. Why would you want to go walking anyway? Well, the tips I’ve supplied below might help. Some people don’t really want to sweat it out in a gym or run the aerobic circuit in trendy outfits. In fact, many people have turned to simply walking their way to good health. You don’t have to have the figure of a body builder to be fit. That doesn’t mean body building or aerobics are no good, I’m simply saying there are different ways for different folk to reach their goal.

How Will Walking Improve My Health And Weight Loss

One thing is for sure. You can’t get fit just by eating well. You must eat a nutritious diet . Mediterranean diet or similar and exercise in some way once a day. This way you will achieve a reasonable level of fitness and health.

This is what walking will do for you;

1. Boost energy levels – Giving you more energy to do the things you like to do!

2. Increased metabolic rate – Helps burn those kilo joules (calories) faster, even when you are at resting phase!

3. Improved muscle tone – Especially your buttocks and leg muscles (great for weight loss– the more muscle you have the more kilo joules your body will burn)

4. Memory Improvement – Research has proven that walking 40 minutes, three times a week on a regular basis increases your memory

5. Enjoyable Restful Sleep – It has been proven that walking regularly will give you a good nights sleep, which in turn will create enthusiasm to embrace the following day.

6. You will achieve a feeling of well being due to the chemical reaction in the body that is generated from physical activity (and the fresh air!)

Here are some tips to making walking that much easier to achieve if you have a busy schedule;

1. Create More time – Set your alarm for 45 minutes earlier than normal in the morning for 3 time a week. That way you get your walk over and done with and have the rest of the day for other things.

2. Stairs are good – Always take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators

3. Using a car park to your benefit – Park your car in the furthest car park from your office doors or the shopping mall

4. Spend more time with your kids – get out there after school with your kids on their bikes, roller blades or go down to the local park for a game of something.

5. Lunchtime – Every lunch time take 10 minutes to walk around the block whether you are at home or at the office. (Grab a colleague to come with you for company)

6. Picking Kids up – Instead of waiting in the car after-school sports etc, do a couple of quick laps around the playing field

7. Partner with your dog – Make a commitment that you will take your dog for at least 3 longer walks a week

Tip 8. Bring walking shoes to work before driving home, take a 30 minute walk.

That should be enough tips to get the most reluctant person on their feet or at least planning to walk if you haven’t an alternative exercise program. You’ll find that it actually becomes enjoyable and once you start it’s difficult to give up (not that you’d want to anyway).

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